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February 27, 2012
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Total Piece Award: Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

The hubby thought our son needed a buddy…buddy, not brother. So back in the fall he got a puppy. I have to be honest, I like animals, but I like them better if they’re not in my house. Still the joy the dog brings to my son trumps my annoyance at a few chewed up shoes. If I could bottle my son’s glee and sell it, I would be a billionaire and could simply employ a staff responsible for managing the fur that continuously blankets every surface in my house. Alas, I’ve had to adjust my housekeeping methods and habits.

Keeping a house immaculate with a very energetic three year old is impossible, but add a dog into the mix and one can expect their house to feel and smell more like a zoo. I’ve tried various tools and products to get rid of the fur but there is always some left behind. The latest product I’ve tried is the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. It claims to remove pet fur from upholstered surfaces quickly and simply. It also claims to pick up as much pet fur as 145 sticky roller sheets. To use the Fabric Sweeper, you sweep the handheld tool across the fabric. It is supposed to pull pet hair and push it into a compartment in the handle. So how did it do? Not well. Remove pet hair? Barely. Quick and simple to use? No. It took at least 30 strokes back and forth across a small area to remove only minimal fur. A sticky roller would work better. In addition, most of the fur fell out of the compartment so I was left with piles of fur all over the floor. This product is no good. It wins a Total Piece Award.

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