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March 21, 2012
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Tan Towel

Another impulse buy: Tan Towel. Sold on the Home Shopping Network. No I’m not 80.

I was sitting around last Saturday evening finishing my glass of wine when I turned on the Home Shopping Network. I wish I could tell you why. Perhaps it was intuition. Or maybe I’m an 80 year old in spirit. Who knows? Anyway, they were in the middle of the Tan Towel spot, and coincidentally it’s a product that I could easily be hooked on–if it works.

The Tan Towel is a moist towelette that gives your skin a bronze glow as if you’ve spent the weekend in Mexico…supposedly. (I’ll see my results 4-6 hours after application.) What makes the sunless tanner so important is that the hubby is true to his tropical roots and loves a sun-kissed complexion. How he fell for a whiter-than-white girl is beyond my comprehension. The bulk of my genes are of eastern European descent so, as you can imagine, I burn just thinking of the sun. And not only does the Latin Luhvuh like when I’m tan, but so does society. Whether real or fake, a tan no longer causes people’s eyes to bleed when I step into the bright light of day. But keeping up with a tan for someone with “Celtic” skin is difficult to do naturally and inconvenient and costly to do artificially. So on that fateful day when I saw HSN offering a month’s supply of easy to use tanning towelettes with automatic monthly shipments, I had to act.

I got my month’s supply today and not knowing this when I ordered, the tagline reads: “Look Good Naked.”

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