The Talent

Because someone's got to be responsible for this mess.


Writer Extraordinaire

I was once young. And bright-eyed with dreams of New York fashion. Magazines were my bible and I desperately wanted to grow up working for Hearst. (You'd think my fifty-five thousand dollar writing degree and concentration in creative non-fiction would make me a perfect candidate, and that's probably true, but somewhere along the way I hit a bump, derailed and started down a new path.) I'd say I've made exactly $28.16 as a professional writer. Just kidding. I was a copywriter in the corporate world for years, and I was good at my job but eventually I was burnt out.

Well, fate took a turn; I peed on a stick and it read positive. Career pushed to the back burner so I could do the stay-at-home mommy/housewife thing. The years were great with my son and worth the hiatus, but then my kid went off to school and I knew I wasn't cut out for the doting housewife deal, so I went back to work. Problem was I found myself in the same situation as before: writing, but nothing I wanted to write. And I wasn't getting any younger. Cue: existential crisis.

So, I recently took a leap and quit my job to focus on my writing full-time. I've completed my first novel. And now I'm reviving the blog because I am once again at home and still just as unadapted to it as ever.

Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. - C'mon, you know who said that

I got skillz...

It's an amazing skill set, really.

  • Cleaning15%
  • Cooking96%
  • Compassion for Stupidity2%
  • Being Awesome100%

They're multiplying.

And I'm losin' contr-- Oh, wait. Got my wires crossed. Obviously I can use some help. So bring it, ladies. We need to stick together. We are smart, beautiful, strong and we know how to get shit done. Let's do this together.

If you are interested in contributing as an unadapted housewife or even as an adapted one (that's even better), get in touch ASAP. I mean it.

We need to boost that cleaning rating.