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February 14, 2012
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March 3, 2012
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Bounce Dryer Bar

Proddy: noun \ˈprä-dē\ : an award given by The Unadapted Housewife to honor an exceptional product that makes the job of a housewife easier.
I’m pleased to present the first ever Proddy to Bounce Dryer Bar, an ingenious product used in placed of the traditional dryer sheet. The Bounce Dryer Bar is the recipient of this Proddy because it is easy to use, does what it claims, and has install-then-forget-about-it properties, giving launderers one less thing to worry about.
Dryer sheets do serve a purpose, if you remember to use them. I think I’ve owned the same box of dryer sheets for about two years now. Rarely do I remember to put them in with my laundry—until the dryer beeps, I open the door and find a ball of laundry held together by static cling. So one day, mindlessly walking through the aisles of Target “looking for something to buy” as the Latin Luhvuh calls my shopping habits, I spotted the Bounce Dryer Bar. It was on sale so of course I had to get it. Installation was a cinch, entailing peeling off the back of an adhesive and sticking the bar to the inside of the dryer drum. It looks and feels similar to a bar of solid deodorant and it smells amazing. I’m using the scent.
My family does about 12-15 loads of laundry per week. I’ve been using it for almost a month and there’s still quite a bit left. My laundry smells and feels luxurious and I’m no longer getting shocked whenever I take a hot load of laundry out to be folded and put away.
The dryer bar costs around $7.00.
As for all those dryer sheets? Tuck one under each seat of your car for a fresh smell every time you drive. Or add one to all of your dresser drawers and linen closets to keep your clothes, towels and sheets smelling fresh between washes.
I’d love to hear other reviews of the dryer bar and uses for dryer sheets!

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