As Seen On TV...

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Do you ever sit in front of the TV and mindlessly watch infomercials? Sadly, I sometimes do. It’s a weird curiosity I have. So over the course of time, I've ordered my share of Shamwows and Scrub Daddies.

But wait, there's more...

Having a child means that at one point or another, I've also had every Pillow Pet, Seat Belt Buddy and Microcharger cluttering my house. If we could just get through one episode of Transformers without hearing, "I want that," a bazillion times. (My dreams have changed radically over the years.) Did you know that in Sweden advertising is banned for children under 12?

Did you also know the first TV ad for a toy in the US was for Mr. Potato Head in 1955? ( I learned that playing Trivial Pursuit.)

Anyway, check here for reviews of crap I see on TV and am suckered into purchasing.

April 17, 2017

Tan Towel

Another impulse buy: Tan Towel. Sold on the Home Shopping Network. No I’m not 80. I was sitting around last Saturday evening finishing my glass of […]